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"And if they get me and the sun goes down And if they get me take this spike and..."

Stayed home today. Wasn't feeling good.  Staying home is sometimes funn but just so boring. Daytime t.v. basically sucks. Come to think of it most t.v. sucks now. So i basically spent alot of my day listening to music and reading. I've been reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird" for English. It's pretty interesting. I got past most of the boring parts so I actually like it.  This whole week besides Monday has been actually really good. I found out that in science I now have an A+! woo hoo. My goal this semester is to actually get a decent grade in science. ha of course the day i stay home there was a science test. o well. kinda wierd that annie stayed home too. Now i have someone to talk to on this boringly refreshing day. I get paid in 2 days! woo hoo. ha..can't wait. i think its $36. hmm i wonder what i'll do with it. The O.C. is on tonite. Not exactly excited about it tho. Lately the O.C. has sucked. Hopefully its good tonite.

Tomorrow is Friday. yay for that.


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