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I will lie awake And lie for fun and fake the way I hold you let you fall for every empty word I say

Monday. I was so tired today. It's like a rule Monday's always have to suck. Nothing really interesting happened it was just really boring. E.J wasnt here so lunch was oddly quiet plus Chrsity was hanging out with some other friends so it was a less random day too. My science teacher told me my grades. their ok i guess. my GPA is a 2.3. not the best but o well.

This weekend was so funn. On Saturday Annie and I hung out at downey to like meet some friends for a little while then walked around school then walked over to Chrsitys house which is so far, and hung out with her. we then went to the little mexican resturant down the street then back to her and started acting stupid and just having fun. Then Sunday went to teh mall with Kelsey and bought some stuff and looked around and surprisly didnt get a headache while being there. well, until i got to american eagle...it was stuffy in there. Weekend was funn better hopes for the rest of the week.


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