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It just started to rain. A hugh massive rain storm! Lighting, Thunder, and rain. I love it. My street just flooded. its so kool. rain is so soothingly awesome. It just makes this day even better. I hope it keeps raining. It's so pretty out when it rains.

I had a good day today. yay for wensdays! Lets see hmm well i actully understood what was going on in math and in English i got to skip the first 20 min. i think. For drama to perform my monolougue for the other classes. I messed up a few times but overall i think i did pretty good. Then after that i went back to English then off to Drama again for class. We plated a improv game. so much funn. Then off to lunch which is lunch so thats funn. After lunch its Science. one of my worst subjects. I actully understood what i was doing and had funn with it. It was a mircle! Plus while being there i heard about this like concert thingy on Saturday Melissa told me about. so thats kool. Even geography was funn. we colored! P.E. was as usual funn but even better cause we got to share a gym with  with my Pretty boy's class. so pretty. i got to stare at him all throughout p.e. it was magical! haha. I think what really made me have a great day was my Starbucks i had that moring. Love Starbucks. Not only is it yummy engergy boost but it really put me in a good mood.

ok just wanted to say sry if i havent commented in your journal in awhile..i've been busy...no thats not it...i've been lazy. i'm gonna try to comment peoples today so yah.


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