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"I'm an angel with broken wings Who's poisoning the night With love, from me to you.."

Cold. I went to the movies today. Saw "In Good Company" good movie. I liked it alot. Kinda sad yet happy ending. After the movie i kinda hung out there with annie and her friend which was kinda funn but wierd. My old friend Alicia from Jr.High called Michelle asking to talk to me. Which was kool but then she just said "Hey! Guess what!?!?" then i said "what?" "I got a new shirt!" ok? wierd. She started talking about it too. it was odd.  but cool since  i havent talked to her in awhile. apparently there was gonna be some big fight or whatever but decided to leave. it was too cold. Kelsey spent the night last nite. it was funn i guess. nothin speical shes over alot.

I think i may a angry person.  lol people how been pointing it out. its wierd. Kelsey told me i was "angry" whateve the fuck that means. I guess i'm angry in a sarcastic way. Like will call random people or like my best friends "whore!" ha, thats just my word i guess. I can see why people think that is angry. another common thing that is making my friends say i'm angry is that i always say something about shooting someone or something. Constally "Fuck, i wanted to shoot myself in the head'' comes out of my mouth.  haha. it just pops out. i say it mostly when i'm annoyed or bored.Whatever. i just never knew people thought that. kinda interesting. gah i love my friends for putting up with me! they just get me and sarcasm and put up with it just because their awesome! I love the fact that i can just be myself in front of  them  and know thats just Sapphire is kool. Just in case i never mentioned it enough i love my friends!<3....why that came up not too sure. o well.


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