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"There is an old cliche Under your Monet, baby..."

Grrr. My Ipod isn't working right! It's annoying me. I accidently dropped it today and i think thats the reason why its acting all funni. the volume buttom is tweaking out. At first it wouldnt move at all later it was moving on its own. Now its only moving back and fourth. I just got it for Christmas. Grr.

I got a haircut. Its short. really short. Compared to what it was its really short. My hair was almost to my elbow and my its a little bit past my shoulders. Its wierd. I'm not sure if i like it or not. I always hate my haircuts. Its just the after shock i guess. It different. I'm not a big fan of different. Gotta get use to it. Maybe i'll be able to do more with it. who knows. If it looks pretty i'm gonna try to take pcitures. I figured out how to work my brother camera without potentially breaking it.

Finals Tomorrow. woo hoo...not. Not particulary excited but i dont think i'll do bad tomorrow. Its math and english. Math, I'm pretty confindent about since i got a 50/50 on my test the other day. And English is a piece of cake. Thusday is gonna be a problem. Science and Drama. Drama i have to do a monologue in front of the whole class. Scary. Science. Well, Science is a fail or pass sitution. I'll be happy with a D. As long as it is not an F, if it is a F i think i would need to retake that class in summer school. and no one wants that.

hey, my ipod is working better. Yay.

So Him alot today. So pretty.


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