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"You say you're still in love If it's true what can be done..."

Happy B-Day Orlando Bloom! haha i'm a loser.

Well, It's Thusday. Which is mean tomorrow is Friday and also that it is OC day. So yay for that. hmm well today was, well, today. Waste of a day. Nothing interesting happened. Kinda important stuff but nothing interesting. It was mostly tests, and practing for tests. I got an A+ on this project that i worked my ass off to make it awesome so i'm pretty happy about that. I had such a major headache all day. It didnt go away. well, it would but then would come back. I think it might have been my hair. i had so many bobby pins in it...it might have been too tight. Or it could have been the frezzing cold weather. at lunch E.J. made me hold his soda while he was eating and we were walking. Yeah that wasnt funn. It was so cold and i was shaking holding the cup and my fingers turned red. Yah so it cold here. very.

I saw Him only a little bit today. He looked so cute. He always looks cute though. I got in trouble trying to see him today. lol. ok well at after P.E. the girls and the guys have i guess their own deginanted area where they are suppose to be.Why? Not sure. but me and annie always like going over there to either: 1.Get a soda or water 2. know more people on the guy side. or 3. Try to see the pretty sexy hot Guy(Him lol). We get yelled at alot for going there by this teavher. We got yelled at today. mostly me tho. cause i tried to explain and well, i just talk too much. I did get what i wanted though. I saw Him. He was kind of watch us get yelled at. I was tuning out most of the yelling and just staring at him. He's so pretty. I came up with this conclusion. When i say their pretty it means they are way beyoned being Hot, sexy, or cute. So their Pretty. Not many girls call guys pretty so i decided too. It seemed very sutible for him.

Tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully it will be a more worth while day.


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