February 10th, 2005

Frank Iero

"So follow your bliss And destroy the beauty..."

Happy Thusday. Just finished watching the O.C. It was ok. better than normally. Today was an ok day. Yesterday sucked for me tho. Nothing good happened and yah just wasnt funn. Today was kool tho. not much happened but it was just nice. ya kno one of those days where you arent worrying about anything and just having funn with everything. Tomorrow is a minimum day for me. there is a homcoming rally so i get out an hour early. Thats always good. I'm working tomorrow too. yay for that i guess. I mite go to *Savemart* tomorrow too. haha. Me and Chrsity are getting checkered wallpaper for our locker, and apparenly according to Rachel there is wallpaper there. who knew. Monday there is no school. Not much to say here. Life is boring and blah blahblahblah.Fuck updating i'll do it another day when i'm more in the mood and actually have something to say

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    Senses Fail~Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday