February 7th, 2005

badx habit

"Still the pressure and the pain wash the blood off your hands this time she won't understand..."

Gosh I'm so unactive here on LJ. Ok well, today was Monday. For a Monday today was good. Started off boring as usual then went to drama came. We played this hecka funn game. We played alot of games. Our teacher wasn't there and the subsitutde was so out of it so that always funn. Lunch was funn too. then went to science and geogrpahy so boring. Today was Annie's birthday. woo hoo yay Annie. but yah her friends gave her super cheap, super cool gifts! Like Safety goggles, a gas mask, 2 pairs of handcuffs, one pair was the normal kinda like plastic silver and the other was a cheeta print(cant spell) that said "stuck together forever" ha. they were so awesome. but they broke cause they are super cheap and annie gave them to me to wear. So in 6th period I had one half of it and E.J. had the other half. Then getting ready for p.e we kinda decided to dress up ha. Lupe was already dressed up in her snow gear(homecoming dress up week) But I wore annie's safety goggles cause they are awesome and still was wearing my uber cool cheeta handcuff and Annie had on a pink crown because of her birthday and was wearing the other handcuff. It was funn.

mmmm candy is good. I'm eating chocolate kisses with caramel inside. They are so yummy. That's one of the good things about Valentines day. Candy.  haha speaking of candy somewhat...i guess this is off topic but who cares. I was reading the newspaper today and i read the advice colmunn or whatever it's called and this lady sent in a question. She was talking about how she is a young susscefull women but has only one problem, she eats crayons. Thats all she has eaten for the past 2 months. She eats a 64 pack a day! wow. But she wasnt worried about the crayon problem she just kinda wanted to know if she would gain weight from eating them!!! yah wow. wierd. why eat crayons? huh wierd. I want some new shoes. mine are heckza dirrty. i have money maybe i'll buy some. ok well, i'll try to be more active here because i love my LJ so dearly but i'm lazy and on GJ too.

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