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Happy Thusday. Just finished watching the O.C. It was ok. better than normally. Today was an ok day. Yesterday sucked for me tho. Nothing good happened and yah just wasnt funn. Today was kool tho. not much happened but it was just nice. ya kno one of those days where you arent worrying about anything and just having funn with everything. Tomorrow is a minimum day for me. there is a homcoming rally so i get out an hour early. Thats always good. I'm working tomorrow too. yay for that i guess. I mite go to *Savemart* tomorrow too. haha. Me and Chrsity are getting checkered wallpaper for our locker, and apparenly according to Rachel there is wallpaper there. who knew. Monday there is no school. Not much to say here. Life is boring and blah blahblahblah.Fuck updating i'll do it another day when i'm more in the mood and actually have something to say

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Gosh I'm so unactive here on LJ. Ok well, today was Monday. For a Monday today was good. Started off boring as usual then went to drama came. We played this hecka funn game. We played alot of games. Our teacher wasn't there and the subsitutde was so out of it so that always funn. Lunch was funn too. then went to science and geogrpahy so boring. Today was Annie's birthday. woo hoo yay Annie. but yah her friends gave her super cheap, super cool gifts! Like Safety goggles, a gas mask, 2 pairs of handcuffs, one pair was the normal kinda like plastic silver and the other was a cheeta print(cant spell) that said "stuck together forever" ha. they were so awesome. but they broke cause they are super cheap and annie gave them to me to wear. So in 6th period I had one half of it and E.J. had the other half. Then getting ready for p.e we kinda decided to dress up ha. Lupe was already dressed up in her snow gear(homecoming dress up week) But I wore annie's safety goggles cause they are awesome and still was wearing my uber cool cheeta handcuff and Annie had on a pink crown because of her birthday and was wearing the other handcuff. It was funn.

mmmm candy is good. I'm eating chocolate kisses with caramel inside. They are so yummy. That's one of the good things about Valentines day. Candy.  haha speaking of candy somewhat...i guess this is off topic but who cares. I was reading the newspaper today and i read the advice colmunn or whatever it's called and this lady sent in a question. She was talking about how she is a young susscefull women but has only one problem, she eats crayons. Thats all she has eaten for the past 2 months. She eats a 64 pack a day! wow. But she wasnt worried about the crayon problem she just kinda wanted to know if she would gain weight from eating them!!! yah wow. wierd. why eat crayons? huh wierd. I want some new shoes. mine are heckza dirrty. i have money maybe i'll buy some. ok well, i'll try to be more active here because i love my LJ so dearly but i'm lazy and on GJ too.

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Stayed home today. Wasn't feeling good.  Staying home is sometimes funn but just so boring. Daytime t.v. basically sucks. Come to think of it most t.v. sucks now. So i basically spent alot of my day listening to music and reading. I've been reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird" for English. It's pretty interesting. I got past most of the boring parts so I actually like it.  This whole week besides Monday has been actually really good. I found out that in science I now have an A+! woo hoo. My goal this semester is to actually get a decent grade in science. ha of course the day i stay home there was a science test. o well. kinda wierd that annie stayed home too. Now i have someone to talk to on this boringly refreshing day. I get paid in 2 days! woo hoo. ha..can't wait. i think its $36. hmm i wonder what i'll do with it. The O.C. is on tonite. Not exactly excited about it tho. Lately the O.C. has sucked. Hopefully its good tonite.

Tomorrow is Friday. yay for that.

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Monday. I was so tired today. It's like a rule Monday's always have to suck. Nothing really interesting happened it was just really boring. E.J wasnt here so lunch was oddly quiet plus Chrsity was hanging out with some other friends so it was a less random day too. My science teacher told me my grades. their ok i guess. my GPA is a 2.3. not the best but o well.

This weekend was so funn. On Saturday Annie and I hung out at downey to like meet some friends for a little while then walked around school then walked over to Chrsitys house which is so far, and hung out with her. we then went to the little mexican resturant down the street then back to her and started acting stupid and just having fun. Then Sunday went to teh mall with Kelsey and bought some stuff and looked around and surprisly didnt get a headache while being there. well, until i got to american was stuffy in there. Weekend was funn better hopes for the rest of the week.

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"Leave me here in my stark raving sick sad little world..."

It's Friday. Thank God. Tomorrow is formal. Not going. Instead i'm just gonna hang out with Chrsity. I think i have been getting really distant with her so yah. I really don't have much to update on at all. Annie wasnt at school today. it was sad cause shes funn. She called me tho so that was kool. The O.C. was on last nite. It kinda sucked tho.Nothing to say i'll update later if something happens.  

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It just started to rain. A hugh massive rain storm! Lighting, Thunder, and rain. I love it. My street just flooded. its so kool. rain is so soothingly awesome. It just makes this day even better. I hope it keeps raining. It's so pretty out when it rains.

I had a good day today. yay for wensdays! Lets see hmm well i actully understood what was going on in math and in English i got to skip the first 20 min. i think. For drama to perform my monolougue for the other classes. I messed up a few times but overall i think i did pretty good. Then after that i went back to English then off to Drama again for class. We plated a improv game. so much funn. Then off to lunch which is lunch so thats funn. After lunch its Science. one of my worst subjects. I actully understood what i was doing and had funn with it. It was a mircle! Plus while being there i heard about this like concert thingy on Saturday Melissa told me about. so thats kool. Even geography was funn. we colored! P.E. was as usual funn but even better cause we got to share a gym with  with my Pretty boy's class. so pretty. i got to stare at him all throughout p.e. it was magical! haha. I think what really made me have a great day was my Starbucks i had that moring. Love Starbucks. Not only is it yummy engergy boost but it really put me in a good mood.

ok just wanted to say sry if i havent commented in your journal in awhile..i've been thats not it...i've been lazy. i'm gonna try to comment peoples today so yah.

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Cold. I went to the movies today. Saw "In Good Company" good movie. I liked it alot. Kinda sad yet happy ending. After the movie i kinda hung out there with annie and her friend which was kinda funn but wierd. My old friend Alicia from Jr.High called Michelle asking to talk to me. Which was kool but then she just said "Hey! Guess what!?!?" then i said "what?" "I got a new shirt!" ok? wierd. She started talking about it too. it was odd.  but cool since  i havent talked to her in awhile. apparently there was gonna be some big fight or whatever but decided to leave. it was too cold. Kelsey spent the night last nite. it was funn i guess. nothin speical shes over alot.

I think i may a angry person.  lol people how been pointing it out. its wierd. Kelsey told me i was "angry" whateve the fuck that means. I guess i'm angry in a sarcastic way. Like will call random people or like my best friends "whore!" ha, thats just my word i guess. I can see why people think that is angry. another common thing that is making my friends say i'm angry is that i always say something about shooting someone or something. Constally "Fuck, i wanted to shoot myself in the head'' comes out of my mouth.  haha. it just pops out. i say it mostly when i'm annoyed or bored.Whatever. i just never knew people thought that. kinda interesting. gah i love my friends for putting up with me! they just get me and sarcasm and put up with it just because their awesome! I love the fact that i can just be myself in front of  them  and know thats just Sapphire is kool. Just in case i never mentioned it enough i love my friends!<3....why that came up not too sure. o well.

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hey people.Took some of my finals. Math and English. Think or hope i did well. Tomorrow is gonna be a bitch. ha. Science. grr. o well wish me lots luck. No one noticted my haircut caue i didnt wake up early enough for me to strightnen it so i just wore it up. Rachel noticted it looked shorter but at first she thought it was in a bun or something

Got my ipod to work better. Go me! Figured out how to work my brothers camera and took some crappy pictures. Not much to say today

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Grrr. My Ipod isn't working right! It's annoying me. I accidently dropped it today and i think thats the reason why its acting all funni. the volume buttom is tweaking out. At first it wouldnt move at all later it was moving on its own. Now its only moving back and fourth. I just got it for Christmas. Grr.

I got a haircut. Its short. really short. Compared to what it was its really short. My hair was almost to my elbow and my its a little bit past my shoulders. Its wierd. I'm not sure if i like it or not. I always hate my haircuts. Its just the after shock i guess. It different. I'm not a big fan of different. Gotta get use to it. Maybe i'll be able to do more with it. who knows. If it looks pretty i'm gonna try to take pcitures. I figured out how to work my brother camera without potentially breaking it.

Finals Tomorrow. woo hoo...not. Not particulary excited but i dont think i'll do bad tomorrow. Its math and english. Math, I'm pretty confindent about since i got a 50/50 on my test the other day. And English is a piece of cake. Thusday is gonna be a problem. Science and Drama. Drama i have to do a monologue in front of the whole class. Scary. Science. Well, Science is a fail or pass sitution. I'll be happy with a D. As long as it is not an F, if it is a F i think i would need to retake that class in summer school. and no one wants that.

hey, my ipod is working better. Yay.

So Him alot today. So pretty.

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Happy B-Day Orlando Bloom! haha i'm a loser.

Well, It's Thusday. Which is mean tomorrow is Friday and also that it is OC day. So yay for that. hmm well today was, well, today. Waste of a day. Nothing interesting happened. Kinda important stuff but nothing interesting. It was mostly tests, and practing for tests. I got an A+ on this project that i worked my ass off to make it awesome so i'm pretty happy about that. I had such a major headache all day. It didnt go away. well, it would but then would come back. I think it might have been my hair. i had so many bobby pins in might have been too tight. Or it could have been the frezzing cold weather. at lunch E.J. made me hold his soda while he was eating and we were walking. Yeah that wasnt funn. It was so cold and i was shaking holding the cup and my fingers turned red. Yah so it cold here. very.

I saw Him only a little bit today. He looked so cute. He always looks cute though. I got in trouble trying to see him today. lol. ok well at after P.E. the girls and the guys have i guess their own deginanted area where they are suppose to be.Why? Not sure. but me and annie always like going over there to either: 1.Get a soda or water 2. know more people on the guy side. or 3. Try to see the pretty sexy hot Guy(Him lol). We get yelled at alot for going there by this teavher. We got yelled at today. mostly me tho. cause i tried to explain and well, i just talk too much. I did get what i wanted though. I saw Him. He was kind of watch us get yelled at. I was tuning out most of the yelling and just staring at him. He's so pretty. I came up with this conclusion. When i say their pretty it means they are way beyoned being Hot, sexy, or cute. So their Pretty. Not many girls call guys pretty so i decided too. It seemed very sutible for him.

Tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully it will be a more worth while day.

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